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Villa Taghazout: the 4 main Real Estate Spots

Taghazout Bay

coastal resort
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Taghazout Océan

old village seaside
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Taghazout Jbel

old village mountainside
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Taghazout Madraba

Anchor Point
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Villa Taghazout & Hotel Resort

The Villa Taghazout area stretches from Anchor Point in the North and ends before Tamraght Oufella. You might skip Tamraght further south altogether, it’s growing rampant into the mountain valleys and there is a complete absence of coastline planning. The officially 5.000 inhabitants become easily 20.000 and more during the high seasons. No functionating urban sewage system!

The tormented history of Villa Taghazout resort

No sewage system ended in some concrete encounters for Taghazout surfers also, crawling out of the draining pipes’ area – until 2016, when works started for an integrated end ecological coastal resort, after ten years of discussions and delays

In fact, back in 2006, the development of the coastal resort at Taghazout was awarded to US real estate investment firm Colony Capital and its partner Grupo Satocan, the tourism leader in the Canary Islands. The resort at Villa Taghazout was part of the Plan Azur, which planned to develop six coastal resorts in the country and attract 10 million visitors by 2010.

In 2009, the Moroccan Government cancelled the contract with Colony which couldn’t fulfil its engagements due to the financial crisis. The development of the 1.500+ acre development was accorded to a Moroccan syndicate named SAPST and since then everything went fine.

The resort at Villa Taghazout stretches over five km (3.1 miles) of stunning, pristine beach on the Atlantic coast boasting some of the Atlanticâ’s best surf spots. Under the SAPST development plan, the resort at Villa Taghazout was poised to fulfill its destiny as an internationally renowned, exotic, five-star coastal resort destination that defined the essence of the Moroccan Riviera. The enviable all-season climate with more than 330 days of sun and mild year-round temperatures make this an ideal setting.

Hotel resort area Villa Taghazout

The multi-generational luxury resort was planned to include several five- and four-star hotels which include so far establishments from the following hotel groups (from North to South) :

  • Radisson Blu
  • Riu Tikida
  • Hyatt Regency with two establishments, top hill and pieds dans l’eau
  • Hilton
  • Fairmont
  • Pickalbatros
  • and Marriott arriving (slowly). 

The luxury residential area comprises a range of « Villa Taghazout » custom homes, gated estates, town houses and apartments. In addition the resort offers an 18 hole golf with dramatic views of the Atlantic Ocean and the Atlas Mountains. Health spas, athletic training center, creative arts workshops, equestrian facilities, a lively village center with an array of ethnically diverse eateries and night life (Tawenza Square), private beach clubs, and dozens of residential, leisure and retail facilities, including a traditional souk and haute couture houses complete the offer of this coastal resort. 

The architecture reflects the major influences that have shaped Morocco for centuries: The Berbers, the oldest known inhabitants of North Africa who originated the Kasbahs of red earth as well as crafts like colorful carpets and carved wooden doors; the Islamic-Arabic palette, famous for calligraphy, blue and white glazed Persian tiles and elaborate patterns of stars, plant forms and geographic shapes; the Hispano-Muslim style, also known as Andalusian or Moorish, which converged ideals in architecture, gardens, music and cuisine.

Adhering to eco-centric development practices, Taghazout is based on the philosophy of living lightly on earth through an integrated land management plan. Three different neighborhoods will reside on separate upland plateaus comprising hotel and resort residences varying from beach and hillside to village to orchard and golf settings.

Taghazout creates an exquisite resort that values local heritage, both in terms of culture and environment, while providing an economic stimulus to the region. Two opportunities are on offer here <<<<<

Taghazout was ranked 5th best destination for remote workers by remote.com, who helps businesses pay and manage independent contractors everywhere in the world. That was the laudatio: "Taghazout: A tiny fishing village that’s home to Morocco’s best beach for surfing takes fifth place in our analysis. Taghazout has the most affordable rental prices out of every destination we researched, with a month’s rent costing an average of £123.89. It also has the second lowest monthly cost of living after Goa, India, with £324.37 for the average single person. This is great for remote workers as they can avoid the added stress that financial worries and a high cost of living can bring."
Rachida Richmond

Taghazout was a small fishing village in Morocco, 20 miles North of Agadir, that has recently become a popular destination for tourists, surfers, and digital nomads. As a house owner in Taghazout, you might experience a mix of traditional Moroccan culture and the influx of foreigners visiting the area. The village is known for its beautiful beaches, good surf, and laid-back atmosphere. Living in Taghazout provides the opportunity to experience the local way of life, including traditional food, markets and fish auctions. However, with the increase in tourism, there may also be some challenges such as noise and overcrowding during peak tourist season. Overall, being a house owner in Taghazout could offer a unique and rewarding experience of balancing traditional culture with modern tourism.


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Tawenza appartments (R+2)

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