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Agadir Beach & Flags

The 3 BEST HOTELS in Agadir – spring 2023

Number 1: Robinson Club Agadir, and this is why: Number 2: Hotel Aferni, Agadir Number 3: Tikida Golf Palace Relais & Châteaux

Agadir fine dining

The 3 BEST RESTAURANTS in Agadir – spring 2023

Number 1: Pure Passion Marina Agadir Constantly on a high level, quality all the way! The lunch menu comes affordable and attracts a small crowd of civil servants and bankers from the Kettani district above. Great wines, especially the rarely found whites from Val d’Argan, perfect with seafood. You are by the sea by the way, just a few steps from the marina. Number …

Night club agadir number 3: Naya Club Agadir

Night Club Agadir: time out with the hot 3! – s...

The most chaotic and sympathetic night club Agadir between Marbella and Kapstadt moved to a new location, from the beach avenue a few meters up to the Casino Shems. Bigger, m

streetfood à agadir

The 3 BEST FOOD STALLS in Agadir (and around) – ...

Number 1: Avenue Bir Anzarane in Dcheira This long road in popular south-eastern suburb Dcheira is just one succession of butchers, barbecue stalls, snacks, bakeries, creameries and small restaurants. The idea is to get your lamb or other meat at one of the butchers (we prefer Adrar, as shown in the video above) and to bring it to one of the neighbouring barbecue stations, …

Cafe Agadir: Breakfast in Agadir

Cafe Agadir: the 3 best – Spring 2023

Café Agadir: Agadthe town counts nearly 500 cafés, snack bars, lunch counters and tea rooms 🍵. It’s certainly a good idea to outsource your breakfast since you get a whole menu of coffee, tea, fresh juice, sandwiches and traditional bakeries, omelette and often more at a price between 25 and 45 Dh. Cafe Agadir, the 3 best: Cafe Agadir Number 1: Café La Rosace, …

Lmadone Laâyoune

Best Drive-in in Laâyoune

Half way on the Road to Dakhla you might need a rest. Get some vitamines @lamadone. Both restaurants are great for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Freshest vegetables directly from the fields around, great seafood.  We had this salade niçoise in the new outlet LaMadone2 which is located in the outskirts of Laâyoune. It comes with crabs, shrimps and chicken at a cost of 40 …

Agadir en 2022 Agadir Graffiti Art Arabic

5 surprising numbers about Agadir

Nombre d’étudiant(e)s à Agadir | Nombre de cafés à Agadir | Nombre de bars & night clubs à Agadir | Nombre de spa & hammams à Agadir | Nombre de lits d’hôtels à Agadir

Plages baignade agadir été 2022

Plage Agadir: Tout est bleu, mais pas le Pavillon!

Les plages de qualité «suffisante» situés près du port d’Agadir posent problème. Dommage, car les eaux de baignade se situant plus au Sud de la baie d’Agadir…

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