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Cafe Agadir: the 3 best – Spring 2023

Posté par Rachida Richmond le 20 octobre 2022

Café Agadir: Agadthe town counts nearly 500 cafés, snack bars, lunch counters and tea rooms 🍵. It’s certainly a good idea to outsource your breakfast since you get a whole menu of coffee, tea, fresh juice, sandwiches and traditional bakeries, omelette and often more at a price between 25 and 45 Dh. Cafe Agadir, the 3 best:

Cafe Agadir Number 1: Café La Rosace, Cité la Houda, Agadir

La Houda is one of the newly built neighbourhoods in Agadir with a population of moderate income and many students. Nonetheless La Rosace offers high quality products like homemade cakes, veggie & fruit cocktails and not to forget a very fine couscous on fridays at neighbourhoodly prices. Easy parking.

Cafe Agadir Number 2: Café Pâtisserie Caprice, Agadir Bay, Agadir

Amongst the dozens of stylish cafes having opened recently at Agadir Bay, the Caprice was the first and constantly kept it’s quality and identity. It’got it’s own bakery and a rather quiet and shady location between two residences at Agadir Bay. Librairie Easy parking.

Cafe Agadir Number 3: Café La Fontaine Agadir

An old institution on one of the town’s main square. A place to be seen, especially at the terrace on the first floor. Very instagrammable! The pastries are amongst the best in town, all the rest as well as the service are just about average.

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