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The 3 BEST FOOD STALLS in Agadir (and around) – spring 2023

Posté par Rachida Richmond le 23 octobre 2022

Number 1: Avenue Bir Anzarane in Dcheira

This long road in popular south-eastern suburb Dcheira is just one succession of butchers, barbecue stalls, snacks, bakeries, creameries and small restaurants.

The idea is to get your lamb or other meat at one of the butchers (we prefer Adrar, as shown in the video above) and to bring it to one of the neighbouring barbecue stations, where you can sit.

For a small fee, the stall will provide a plate, spices, salad, a fork and sometimes a knife. You may order fresh bread or french fries from other merchants around.

Number 2: Food Court at Souq El Had Agadir

In the north-eastern corner of Agadir’s main souq some 25 restaurants offer mainly simple seafood like sardines, shrimps or conger eel tajine. Our preference goes to stall 3, but the court being a family venue for locals, they are all quite good.

At Agadir Port, a similiar fish court proposed a wider variety but targeted mainly tourists, with consequences regarding freshness and prices. It is being replaced currently by a modern building accomodating 70 stalls in the future.

Number 3: Fish market and street barbecue at Imi Ouaddar

This is a trip 27 km towards Essaouira, past Taghazout. At the northern end of coastal village Imi Ouaddar, the two or three restaurants on the left side of the road can not be missed.

You can either buy the seafood directly from the boats (if your timing is right) or from the small fisher market above and get them bbqed for a fee by the restaurants. Or order à la carte directly from the latter. Depending on the catches the whole ocean variety is on offer, lobsters, crabs and small sharks included.


  • streetfood comes often with noise, dust and smoke of all kinds
  • restrooms, if existing, are rudimentary
  • there is no alcohol on offer at all those locations.

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