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Public investment Agadir, Morocco: 10 infrastructures in progress

Posté par Ahmed Laghnet le 16 janvier 2023
Investment Agadir
Investment Agadir

Investment Agadir Morocco

Investment Agadir Al Massira Airport

Investment Agadir Al Massira Airport: The airport is being renovated, expanded and modernized, with the capacity to handle more flights and passengers. 20 million Dirham have been allocated in 2023.

Agadir-Marrakech high-speed railway

Investment Agadir-Marrakech high-speed railway: This project aims to connect Agadir to Marrakech with a high-speed train, reducing travel time between the two cities and making it easier for tourists to visit both destinations.

Investment Agadir Technology Park

This project aims to establish a technology park in Agadir to attract technology companies and entrepreneurs to the region.

Agadir-Inezgane-Ait Melloul expressway

The Agadir-Inezgane-Ait Melloul expressway: This new expressway will connect Agadir to the region of Souss-Massa, making it easier to reach Agadir from other parts of the country and reducing traffic congestion in the city.

Investment Agadir port expansion:

The port of Agadir is planned to be expanded to increase its capacity and to allow larger ships to dock.

Expansion of the city’s half ring road

One of the main road projects in Agadir is the expansion of the city’s half ring road, which is aimed at reducing traffic congestion and improving access to the city’s main commercial and industrial areas. The project includes the construction of new interchanges and overpasses, as well as the widening of existing roads.

Agadir-Tiznit highway

Another important road project is the construction of the Agadir-Inezgane-Tiznit highway, which connects the city of Agadir to the region of Souss-Massa and the city of Inezgane. The project is aimed at improving transportation infrastructure and reducing travel time between the two cities.

There’s also the construction of the Agadir-Tiznit-Tarfaya, which is a new highway that connects Agadir to the southern regions of Morocco and the desert, it’s aimed at promoting tourism and trade in this area.

Investment Agadir Trambus BHNS

The busline (« Amalway Trambus Agadir« ), due to be inaugaurated in 2023 will cross Agadir from the south-west to the north-east (+10 miles) in it’s own lanes.

Agadir Bay

The Agadir Bay development project: This mainly private project is a large-scale development plan for the city of Agadir, which includes the construction of hundreds of residences, new hotels, resorts, and other tourism-related infrastructure, as well as the revitalization of the city’s waterfront and marina.

Taghazout Bay

Agadir North: Taghazout Bay project: This project is a large-scale development plan for the Taghazout area, which includes the construction of a new marina, luxury hotels, residential properties, and a golf course.

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